343 5th. Street

Brooklyn, NY

11215 (map)

(718) 499-0758


W-Sat 12-8

Sun 12-6

Closed M/T


Conceived in 2008 as part store, part gallery and part artisan salon, Urban Alchemist offers an eclectic mix of work by independent designers as well as carefully selected vintage finds.


Urban Alchemist is run by a cooperative of local designers and artists whose work is available for sale at the store.  Any time you visit, you will have the opportunity to speak to a designer and possibly watch them work.


In addition to these locally created products, you will also find the work of other independent designers from the New York Area and around the country.

On any given day you are likely to find unique jewelry, handbags, stuffed animals, clothing and t-shirts, wall art, cards, ceramics, records, and other personal and home accessories.

Because much of the work is produced in small quantities, you will find that the products for sale at UA and the art in the window and on the walls will change regularly  and will not be found anywhere else in the area. 

Please feel free to stop by frequently to see what’s new and talk to your local designers.  You will find them to be friendly and almost always willing to create custom pieces just for you!